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[18 May 2007|08:52pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

ladies, it's been real.

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passive agressive livejournal posting. [28 Apr 2005|03:28am]

Dear People,
Please get out of the bathroom.
I have to pee and I don't know you.

Why are you hanging out in the bathroom?
I have to pee.
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web of bullshit. [25 Apr 2005|06:18am]

College is the time in which people are expected to transform from the adolescents they were to the adults they will become. For many of us, college is our first experience living away from our parents and taking on the responsibilities of doing such. Many students have trouble adjusting to the new reality of the situation, not understanding the simple tasks that were previous performed for them. Added to this new reality is the concept of roommates and suitemates, who share living spaces, and thus the responsibility of cleaning them.
While the benefits of sanitation are obvious, less obvious are the benefits of effectively communicating with your suitemates. Coordinating a cleaning schedule with seven other people living busy lives is no easy task, especially when they are strangers. However, in the interest of creating a harmonious living environment, this is a necessity.
This is especially true for a suite situation where there a many different people using the same spaces, and thus all must take responsibility for their cleaning and upkeep.
A clean suite is truly a health suite. Sufferers of allergies will certainly benefit from a cleaner living environment, free of dust, mildew, mold, and dirt, which invite insects and vermin.
Living in unsanitary conditions is entirely unacceptable; students must work together to make sure that their living spaces are clean and sanitary for the benefit the entire Purchase society.

don't forget to write your papers, ladies.
I wanted to include something about how we need to keep our suite in the "pristine condition that the rest of the dormitories are kept" or something about how mold and mildew are serious hazards to our health, since this building is full of it, but I figured i'm in enough trouble.

I want to make an appointment with carrie neal to see if i can get myself off housing probation, would you guys back me up that I actually clean? 'Cause you know I do.
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as a rule, one must first use logic. [11 Apr 2005|03:13pm]

[ mood | "Are you kidding me?" ]

A lot has happened.

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[31 Mar 2005|03:23am]

i just saw sara's butt.
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[22 Feb 2005|05:26pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

Kia "I hope you get leprosy" Woods"

You are not moving in your 18 illegitimate nieces into OUR HOUSE.

Leprosy. Seriously. Your face falling off.

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[01 Feb 2005|04:57am]

Nihilist Bear
Nihilist Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

oh yeah.
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[18 Jan 2005|10:01pm]

things i am bringing back to purchase:

Kava tea, which is a mild tranquilizer classified as a narcotic and a hypnotic. It makes your mouth numb.

Fucking awesome eyeliner/makeup. It's no joke.

A car, amd the Lonely Planet travel guide for USA.

Fruity Pebbles, pudding, Valentine's Day candy (cinnamon hearts and M+Ms)


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[01 Jan 2005|04:43pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i miss


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<3 [31 Dec 2004|05:42pm]

I miss:

fashion advice whenever i need it.
squealing conversations about boys.
being able to just throw my rappers on the floor.
having someone always up at 4am.
always having tons of people around.
the mickey mouse tv.
random diner trips.
watching other people playing video games.
our posse intimidating the shit out of ugly girls on the mall (and every other part of campus).
shower parties.
my giant tub of vaseline.
painting all night.
the morning after a party, with everyone trading stories about the night before.
dancing. all the time. specifically tap.
not feeling like a fucking weirdo.
everyone! everyone! everyone!

I propose the biggest party ever when we get back.
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guess what? [31 Dec 2004|02:34pm]

I saw Karen Suitemate last night. We dined on pommes frites and PBR and I took two painkillers and laughed the entire night.
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[31 Dec 2004|02:25pm]

I miss...

+the idea of all of us coming home at 4am drunk and falling asleep with our boots and makeup on

+cuddling in sara's bed and playing video games

+being late for american drama because we wait for each other no matter what

+being hungover at the dining hall

+ordering food at 1:50 am, just before Sunshine closes

+the random and insane amount of people here at any given moment

+looking at babeland.com and discussing vibrators

I think we need to get:

boxed wine
fake eyelashes
first aid kit
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I miss.... [31 Dec 2004|03:00am]

I miss....

Purple Bathroom Stalls
Making Sara vomit kits
Stealing digusting food from the dining hall
Drinking more than Ray.
Going to the darkroom
My green leaf canopy
Trying to play SuperNintendo while drunk
Purple Roller Skates
Carlo Rassi
Laughing until I cry, every day
Being yelled at by RAKarl
Finding my boyfriend on prisonpenpals.com
Going to the diner at random hours to eat veggie pizza burgers/eggs over easy
Halloween decorations in December
Jeff Klein
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[15 Dec 2004|01:35pm]

we need to start posting in this more because funny things are always happening here right? RIGHT?


let's start with hillary's request for a sock because we have no toilet paper

so i have a paper to hand in but im not sure WHEN/WHERE to hand it in and it's only 3 pages so i printed out a photo of one of the people i wrote about, that counts a lot


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[15 Nov 2004|02:43pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Dear suitemates,

We have no hot water. I am mad. Mad and smelly. The college wants us to smell.

Terra Ve made me sick.

Next weekend we are going to queens/long island.


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[06 Nov 2004|06:07pm]

[ mood | productive ]


We must rearrange (and clean) our suite.
I want to do something crazy, like put all the beds in one room. Or move one to the common room. Or glue furniture to the ceiling.

Any ideas?

Where can we get a christmas tree? I think it's about time we start decorating for the next holiday.


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[27 Oct 2004|06:16am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

things we need to do tomorrow:

1) Meeting of the society

2) Find the ghost that haunts the tennis courts

3) Observe the Full Moon

thank you guys for coming to BreastFest!

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I love the police. [11 Oct 2004|11:02pm]

Hey girls, stay special.
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[11 Oct 2004|11:06am]

[ mood | weird ]

Dear Karen,
You are on the phone with Justine right now. I am sorry the room is such a fucking mess. It is my fault, and I am sorry. However, I am about to throw up, am sleep deprived, and I smell like feet.

Why do you love chem?


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[09 Oct 2004|09:48pm]

[ mood | amused ]


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